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The Clarinet Center deals exclusively in clarinets, their accessories, their repair, music and all other aspects relating to this wonderful instrument.

Peter Spriggs: master clarinet repairman, player, teacher, inventor, and owner of the Clarinet Center.Peter Spriggs sells more new professional model BUFFET clarinets than any other Canadian business. Every instrument sold is totally overhauled and meticulously set up with new, cork small pads and Peterís own hand-crafted larger pads. No detail is overlooked: pad height, venting, spring tension and a perfect seal are guaranteed. Yet, even with the better than $500 worth of work he undertakes upon each instrument he sells, Peterís prices remain very competitive. It is no wonder that The Clarinet Center attracts clients Meticulous workmanship, second to none.from all over Canada, the U.S., Europe and as far away as Taiwan, China and South Africa.

Peterís sterling reputation as a master clarinet repairman is well-deserved. Years ago in Philadelphia, he studied over the shoulder of Hans Moennig, considered to be the 'Godfather of Woodwind Repairmen' until his passing a few years ago. Also in Philly, Peter studied with Anthony Gigliotti, principal clarinet of the Philadelphia Orchestra for over 45 years. As a capable player, Peter is more exacting than most in his standards of how a clarinet - new or repaired- should feel and sound. Clients are amazed at the improvement in their instrumentsí playability after their clarinets have been returned from his intuitive hands. Mike Davenport, a master teacher and performer who is known up and down the West Coast, had the following comments on Peter's work :

"Although I played and taught classical clarinet for many years and still do, I am also a jazz player and I think it's difficult to tell how well a horn is working until you try it in a real musical situation. I could tell in the shop that Peter had done a great job on my bass, but I wasn't really prepared for what happened when I used it in rehearsal the following day."

"It plays absolutely magnificently. Pressing the keys became easy, every note was produced effortlessly, and the sound was enormous. Everyone who heard it was knocked out by the difference. I was so impressed -- this is the best work I have ever seen. Bravo -- it's wonderful!!!"

Clarinet repairs are arranged by appointment to ensure the least amount of time a player need be without his/her instrument - usually just a few days. Of course, the time is even shorter for those choosing to come here. Not a bad option, considering Peter lives just outside Penticton, in British Columbia's Southern Okanagan Valley, one of Canadaís most gorgeous destinations. The beautiful location of the Clarinet Center, just south of Penticton, British Columbia.For information about Penticton, click here.

With the aim of producing a ligature with the best possible performance, Peter has invented the remarkable FLOATING RAILS ligature, available for Bb and Bass. It is now being used worldwide by players including professionals in major orchestras and clarinet professors at many universities.Close-up of the remarkable `Floating Rails` ligature.

Bob Crowley of the Montreal Symphony says:

"[The floating rail ligature] seems to allow the reed to vibrate so that the sound has more "life", "ring" and "buoyancy" to it. In almost every case of A-B comparison with my Bonade ligature, mine felt a bit dead and less resonant...".

Robert Riseling of the University of Western Ontario says:

"Reed response [with the floating rail ligature] is immediately improved. Tone quality becomes more resonant, compact, centered. I have become so hooked that the other ligatures I have now sound and feel dreadfully inadequate."

Mike Davenport says:

"The ligatures are INCREDIBLE! They are unbelievably good on both instruments. It's more than the usual slight difference, there is just more sound. As a performer who specializes on bass clarinet and is often asked to perform difficult pieces for that instrument, I want to point out that there are certain passages of certain pieces that are not playable except with this 'FLOATING RAIL LIGATURE' ... It is absolutely the best available."

The cost of the Floating Rail Ligature including cap is $95.00 Canadian funds, plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling. Call for more details.

Peter's BarrelsPeter has also been making clarinet barrels for over 20 years, originally under the tutelage of Hans Moennig. Peter's barrels are available for Bb, A, and Eb in varying lengths, and are very consistent unlike most others. Peter is proud to introduce a new bore size alowing even more focused sound and better tuning than his previous, widely accepted one. There has been many times when players who thought they need a new clarinet, purchased a Spriggs barrel and found such a tremendous improvement on their old clarinet that it made the purchase of a new one unnecessary.

Peter wrote a book in 1982 titled 'What All Clarinet Players Should Know About Clarinet Care'. It has now had its third printing. Although it was written a few years ago it is still relevant today. For only $8 you can get tips that could save you hundreds in repair. There is a detailed section on how and why clarinets crack and how to break them in properly, which could save you not only a healthy chunk of change but also the sinking feeling you get when you discover a crack. Even though it was written so that even a beginner can understand most of it, Peter has found that many professional players are not aware of much that is in this book. It was given favorable reviews in both the 'ClariNetwork' magazine and also the magazine 'The Clarinet'. Call for more details.

Clarinet fans can expect more projects and innovations from The Clarinet Center in the future, when time permits.


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